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Emanuele Crotti

I grew up in the woods and mountains of Bergamo and studied (contemporary art and semiotics of space) on the red roofs of Bologna. Then the dazzling love for theatre, the Academy of Dramatic Art in Milan and ten years up and down stages all over Italy. Finally: Berlin. Here I work as an artist, teacher, tour guide. And I continue to do what I love most, what ties everything together: telling stories.

Karin Gambaracci

As a certified Berlin guide, I am passionate about history, economics, architecture and politics. I founded Berlincolor with Tommaso driven by the shared pleasure of asking the why of everything, of going deep and trying to really understand the origin of the historical, social and political events that permeate this city. I love the human contact and the exchange of opinions, but also a good laugh together and the idea of really offering a cultural service.

Tommaso Speccher

As a philosophy-teacher I am an official guide to important institutions in the city - such as the Jewish Museum, the Wannsee Conference House and the Topography of Terror - I have lived in Berlin for more than a decade. I try to tell the story of this city as a vital, symbolic and political fulcrum of the world we live in, because by understanding Berlin we come closer to the reasons and the meaning of that Europe of the peoples about which so much is being sought today.

Alessandra Batelli

Just before the fall of the Wall, in July 1989, I took my Mini Cooper and left Milan for West Berlin. After the first winter I was determined to return because of how cold it was and the coal for the stove that was never enough! Then I started studying art history and the history of the city: the more time passed, the more I thought I would return to Italy, but in the end I am still here.

Lorenzo Francesconi

I am a former researcher at the Communication Strategies Lab at the University of Florence, and I have been in Berlin since 2012. I work with Theberlinest because I love to convey to students not only the history of this incredible city but also the excitement, both dramatic and sublime, of a Berlin that has gradually assumed the role of one of Europe's most important capitals since the 17th century.

Raffaella Famiglietti

I am Raffaella, an art historian, graduated at the University Federico II of Naples: I have practiced in Italy as a tour and museum guide in the main sites of historical and cultural interest in Campania and in many museums in Naples, as far as Pompeii and Herculaneum. Berlincolor and Theberlinest were an opportunity for me to further expand my education, in an absolutely unique context such as the city of Berlin.

Stefano Vastano

I am Journalist and Berliner by adoption, considering that I have lived and worked in the German capital since November 1989. From those fateful days I started writing about German politics, economy and culture for the weekly magazine "L'Espresso." In front of a square, a building or the statue of Frederick the Great, I really like to tell pieces of German history. Tales of this city: its dynasties, its tragedies, its moments of glory.

Zuleika Munizza

My studies in architecture have taken me to Berlin many times, and I can say that the city welcomed me with open arms from the very beginning. The constant transformations of this place has always been a topic of deepening and research for me. This is what drives me to share the history and innovation that the metropolis represents, not only in architecture and style, but in all its nuances.

Franca Siano

After completing my degree in political philosophy at the Free University of Berlin, I decided to stay in the German capital because it is an open-air laboratory. In its streets, punk culture mixes with the latest electronic music, while history shows its scars between a vintage market and a crowded club. Working as a city guide for theberlinest allows me to convey historical events as the results of human processes related to everyday life.

Interested in joining our team?

We are always looking for people who are passionate about sharing their enthusiasm for Berlin. If you are interested in exploring collaboration opportunities, send us an email!


Theberlinest is a tourism and cultural agency that offers exciting school programs and private tours in Berlin. It was originally founded in 2014 under the name Berlincolor by Thomas and Karin, two experienced guides and first and foremost friends who share a passion for the many faces of this chameleon-like city.

Through our guided tours we are not content to enumerate dates and anecdotes, instead we want to tell you and then discuss with you the whys of history, the whys of the city of Berlin. To do this we draw on a serious background of years of study, which allows us a multidisciplinary view ranging from history to literature, philosophy to art, economics to science. All this, of course, without forgetting the laughter, the smiles, the sunsets, the street performers, the markets, the photographs in front of the Berlin bears and the tango dancers on the Spree. In short, all those memories that will still warm your heart months after your departure from Berlin.

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